Hello! I'm Tay (she/her/they/them). I'm a multidisciplinary artist who has a love for creating fictional worlds, whether it be with acting or with a stylus. I have a bit of a passion for making characters that people can see themselves in and know that they aren't alone in this world.  Is it because I'm queer as hell and would have loved to see more stories centered around that while I was growing up so I didn't stay holed up in a cold little closet for years? Possibly.

As I'm about to finish my career at Ohio University, I realize that my BFA in acting can and will help me help others. After graduation, I believe that this passion will not stop, in fact, it will only grow and I will seek to do even more than I have been. I look forward to moving to the Chicago area, furthering my skillset, and telling stories.

Want to know more? Contact me! ;)